A Worrying Mummy

I don’t know about you but from the moment I knew I was pregnant with my first child the worrying started and from what I hear it never stops…………and whilst my role as a mum is only in its 3rd year (infant stage I know) I don’t think I have ever stopped worrying. Is it to hot to wear this, is it to cold and we need a jacket, beanie and/or gloves, are they warm enough in bed, are they cool enough in bed, have I given them enough tummy time today and the list goes on. 

When my son started his food journey I never thought I would see the day he actually ate a solid, normal, not mashed up meal!!!! Other than a piece of toast, this child did not hold a solid piece of food in his hand until he turned 12 months. One day he decided to stop eating mash and then thought it was a good time to eat a lamb shank!! Oi Vey!!! Admittedly it did take me 3 days to work out that he no longer wanted his meals mashed and I can tell you my head hurt throughout that period trying to think of what I could do. Then I felt guilty because it was so simple!!! Why didn’t I think of that 3 days ago…..

I don’t have all the answers to the endless worrying that comes with the job but when it comes to the worrying about what you should give your bub or toddler to eat then I hope Spoon n Fork can help. 

We are all busy mums trying our hardest to give our kids the best in life and when it comes to food I would love to take the worry or the guilts away from you. We get overtired (very easily actually), have busy days at the office or like me you have a late solid bloomer!!! Let me take the worry away. Cooking is something that I love, especially for the kids and Spoon n Fork would love to fill your freezer with lots of healthy and nutritious food so you don't have to worry anymore. 



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Meirav Dulberg