Where Has the Time Gone?

Being a mum of a 4 year old and a 2 year old, I'm constantly feeling rushed, overwhelmed, emotionally frazzled AND I'm not even going to add into the mix, being a wife!!!

But, the other day I was watching and listening to my daughter and son play and talk with one another and an overwhelming feeling of sadness swept over me as I realised they are actually growing up. 

Where has the time gone? What happened?

My daughter is extremely talented with telling her brother what to do and how to do it. She started 4 year old kinder this year and came home to tell me she is 'a big girl now and can say and do whatever she wants'.... All she wants to wear is a dress and her favourite saying is 'lets negotiate and make a deal'.

My son has just been taken out of the cot and is in a 'big boys bed' and thinks he is the ants pants. He is obsessed with any type of car, truck, train, tram or tractor and insists you look at it when we walk or drive past one. (That alone is a lot of effort). He only wants to read the same two books every night and we have been reading these since the start of the year.

So humour me when it caught me off guard the realisation, my two babies are actually growing up into two little children.

The thought of not having anymore babies in the house was like a mourning process for me. It made me want another child just so I could have a baby in the house again. My husband just looked at me and not a single word came out of his mouth because apparently there are no words for considering having another baby. But thank goodness a couple of days later one of my girlfriends had a little bubba and when we went to see her, we rocked up to her house and from the front yard we could hear her little man crying. I did breathe a sigh of relief thinking I was out of that phase and a cold shiver did run down my back thinking of all the sleepness nights, sore boobs and walks around the park to get them to sleep. 

So, after a glass of wine with a girlfriend I have embraced this 'good' change in my life and look at it like a new found freedom. What do I have to look forward to, schlepping them all weekend long to playdates, swimming, dancing, tennis and enjoying been told what to do. 

But.....I have made myself a promise to take more time out to the smell the roses! 





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Danielle Leigh