I have a love for cooking but when my little girl was born in 2013 my love of cooking soon turned into a major obsession. 

All of a sudden I wanted to make sure she had the best wholesome food available to her. At the same time, I wanted to offer her a range of different food from a young age. These little people soon grow into bigger people with voices (very loud voices) and I really wanted her food journey to start with “wholesome goodness” before the chocolate milkshakes started!!!!

When we started the solids journey I read lots of children’s cook books to come up with nutritional meals for her to enjoy. As we went down this path the more exciting it became and even more satisfying to see her eat a variety of grains, vegetables and meat because I knew the meals were delicious and full of nutrition.

In 2015 our little boy was born. So my time in the kitchen soon became a chore. I wanted the same thing for him when it came to food. So off I went cooking two different sets of meals for the kids, catering for their age and taste buds plus cooking a nightly meal for me and my husband.

The tired days proved to be a struggle because I couldn’t buy baby food suitable to my needs anywhere. I want my kids to be eating wholesome nutritious food with no added sugars, salt or preservatives. I think we have to many additives in foods today and I wanted to bring this back to basic with the kid’s meals.

Speaking to other mums I soon found my daily food frustration wasn’t unique. Life is too short and we are all busy mums trying our hardest to provide good food choices to our kids. And so it begun Spoon n Fork was born.

From your Bub’s First Tastes all the way to your Toddler Feasts Spoon n Fork is there every step of the way to help you with your Little Ones food journey.